We give thanks to You. O God, we give thanks! For Your wondrous works declare that Your name is near.

Psalms 75:1

With a heartfelt appreciation, we’d like to acknowledge...


Whole Foods

Who generously donates a variety of items that enables us to prepare hot meals and provide fresh fruits, vegetables, pastries & all sorts of goodies as well


Phoenix Rescue Mission

For the water that is necessary in this extremely hot weather.

Radiant Church

For the spiritual guidance and the following of God’s word that inspired many aspects of our mission.


Central Christian Church—Mesa

For the clothing and other miscellaneous items that we are able to distribute during our outreaches. In many instances, these individuals are looking for work and need clean clothing and shoes...as well as hygiene products that we receive periodically.


All Our Volunteers

Your servant attitude shines! Thank you for your genuine & true love for others...as well as being faithful servants of God.


Thank You!